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Hi Andrew,
Thanks again for an unbelievable job. Truly thank you for the love you put into it.
- Justin Kurzel – Director Snowtown

Hi Andrew,
you and Erin produced a great outcome with this and I know that you went above and beyond on this project in terms of your time. So I wanted to say that it was very much appreciated. I'll try to enter it in a few awards now for some accolades! Many thanks once again for your efforts and technical nouse.
- Linda Marshall - Producer Immediacy

Hey Andrew,
I’m so glad that you enjoyed the process of working on MITLOG, obviously it was reciprocating as I really enjoyed working with you guys. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that as we finished the job, I wished I had another film ready to bring it to you for the sound mix.
As I mentioned it to you the other day, my experience of working with Erin and you was so positive that it had encouraged me to regain my faith in something that you may call an ideal professional relationship. From sharing the initial ideas, coming up with new visions, creating amazing sound effects, supplying us with tasty vegetarian lunches (he..!), and eventually finishing the whole process with a fabulous sound mix. One word that could summarise your work and our relationship - fantastic!
- Davor Dirlic – Director Missing in the Valley of the Gods

Hey Andrew,
Thank you so much for today, the work you guys have done is truly incredible and adds so much to the film. Once again, thank you again!
- Matthew Chuang – Director Mathilda

Hi Andrew,
I am just catching up on emails and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support for the project and Reach. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and Erin. I think you are both extremely talented. Your ability to work with the very difficult deadline was just awesome!
- Paul Currie – Director Every Heart Beats True – The Jim Stynes Story

Hi Andrew,
Finally made it back to London. Just wanted to say thank you so much to you and the team for doing such a magnificent job on the soundtrack for the film.
I really enjoyed working with you all and felt you all put so much more than what was required professionally into it.
- Mandy Chang – Director Ballet Russes

Hi Andrew,
Hope you are well?
Kenworth was a great success!! The Opening video made the hairs on the neck stand up!!!! Thanks again for all your help and input on that.
- Matt Bowman - Producer Australian Business Theatre

Hey Andrew,
Loved the ben cousins doco - Justin Kurzel will tear Snowtown down - can't wait to hear what you come up with that one. Every time we played Lillian at Toronto in a great cinema I thought to myself "XXXX” Andrew did a great job on the mix" - never forgotten, really made the film. on ya!
- Paul Clark – Director / Producer Bombora Films

Andrew and Erin,
Thanks heaps for your work today, much appreciated. Apologies again for the short notice, we weren't sure if the Strauchanie interview was going to need it, but after hearing it mixed I'm glad we got you to work on it.
- Joel Starcevic Network TEN AFL Producer

Hi Andrew,
I wish to pop in writing how completely happy I am with Leather. I feel we are working together and not in separate camps so your enthusiasm (and the guys) is very appreciated. I sat back on the couch and watched you dance across the desk with buttons flying to make the modifications and was frankly amazed. sounds better than I could imagine. I very much aim to bring all work worthy of the team’s talents to you as we grow and develop. I know Dave concurs. Thanks.
- James Boldiston, Director, NetEffective Media Group

Dear Frank,
I would like to extend my gratitude for your ongoing commitment to, and understanding of what is required to make a project a really great one. Macbeth has been our fourth film together, and I remain impressed by your skills and imagination in ensuring that the sound is a major part of the dramatic experience. The exceptional quality of your sound design was often commented on during our recent test screenings in NSW and Victoria. Your recommendation about mixing Macbeth at Soundwaves with Andrew McGrath was very much appreciated, and I would certainly seek to work with Andrew again at the Soundwaves facility. I have found in both of you a willingness to push the envelope in quality and application that I cannot find elsewhere in the entire country. Once again, thank you.

- Geoffrey Wright, Director, 'Macbeth'

Thank-you to you and all the crew for the work on 'Cosenza Vecchia.' The mix was fantastic - and putting those screams in to sort out that scene which caused us so much trouble was the perfect solution!
- Michael McMahon, Producer

A major contribution to the success of the production is the sound design and 5.1 mix by Soundwaves. The sonic experience for the audience perfectly matches the intention of the high definition, full-dome pictures and Laurence Fishburne's beautiful narration ... We got exactly what we wanted: a dramatic, full-on surround sound experience, delivered at a world-class standard, to enthral audiences at the most visited museum in the world….
- Jack White, Director, 'Infinity Express' at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Washington DC.

Anyway, just another quick thank you to yourself and the team for all your hard work in making HARVIE as appealing to the ears as to the eyes! He sounded wonderful at his first screening in Annecy to a crowd of over a thousand. Every hoot, click, cough and fart came out clear and precise! The sound levels were perfect and the audience even clapped in time to the credits music. We could not have ever dreamt such an amazing response!
- Adam Elliot, Director & Animator, 'Harvie Krumpet'

Just a brief note to congratulate you on your exceptional contribution to sound on the production of 'Sadness.' The AFI award is clearly well deserved and I trust that we will have the privilege of working with you once again.
- Franco di Chiera, Executive Producer, Film Australia Melbourne Office.

Brilliant sound mix on Rodeo Road - loved it! Well done you guys!
- Tony Stevens, Editor, 'Rodeo Road'

I couldn't let the occasion of our finishing the last episode of GREY VOYAGERS pass without writing to acknowledge Soundwaves' wonderful contribution to the project. I want you and the whole crew to know that your sound post production on the six episodes has been exceptional ... I know that there were long track laying sessions, extremely inventive sound effects recording sessions, and complicated mixes for all of the programs. The fact that these were all attended by laughter and a genuine desire to 'go the extra yard' reflects well on all of you. As we began filming the wonderful characters in GREY VOYAGERS, I had no doubts that we were capturing great stories, but the post production work done by Soundwaves has helped to polish them into tiny gems of which we can all be proud. Please pass on my thanks to all the crew. I look forward to the next time we can all work together.
- Steve Westh, Series Director, Grey Voyagers

...You not only added enormously to the dimension of the soundscape, but really captured the spirit and humour of the story with you wacky series of effects, and bottomless bag of tricks. I found the enthusiasm that the whole team brought to the film really inspiring. I am looking forward to working with you again next year. - Sean Cousins,
Producer/Director, Doing Dimboola

Just wanted to thank you both so much for the great work you did on 'Cable'. The soundtrack is great, I hope you win heaps of awards, it really makes the film. Thanks again.
- Lucy Maclaren, Producer, Cable

Can I start by saying that working at Soundwaves was a thoroughly enjoyable experience & especially considering the hours at the beginning & the overnight work on an ongoing basis ... a friendly, professional & efficient atmosphere that made decision making much easier. The quality of the work was excellent & always enhanced the visual. From a Directors point of view the coffee was fantastic so the rest basically falls into place after that. Many thanks for all the hard work & I look forward to working with you in the future.
- Richard van't Riet, Director, 'The Club'

I LOVE the soundtrack!!
- Cath South, Director, People Pictures

Thanks for both the high quality of the work and for providing such a great, creative atmosphere to work in. It's been a pleasure as always and both Christina and I look forward to working with you again.
- Ben Harding, Producer, 'Omelette'

Thanks for a great mix! Look forward to working with you again.
- Penny Robins, Annamax Media

Dear Peter, Dale Andrew, Thank-you for a fantastic job on the Ashton's doco. Loved your attention to detail. It's great you all love your work so much. Thanks for making me feel secure about the sound mix during my first time experience. Regards & hoping to work with you again in the future.
- Lisa Jane Wallace, Director, 'The Astonishing Ashtons'

The response to the program has been very positive and that was due to the extremely professional approach and technical brilliance of Soundwaves.
- Greg Smith, AFL Films

We very much appreciated your efforts and care, and can tell you for sure that we will come back to you for our next sound-post requirements.
- Phillippe Charluet, Producer, Stella Motion Pictures

Thank-you for your contribution to 'Pepper'. Your input has been invaluable to the production and we really appreciate your hard work. The Foley is fantastic!
- Natallie Elliot & Amanda Jane, 'Pepper'

A great big thank-you from all of us for your wonderful, informative and fun introduction into the sound edit.
- Franziska Wagenfeld, Producer

Thanks once again for all your work: we're very happy!
- Fionn Skiotis, Director, 'Return to Ithaca'

Yeah really really roolly impressed - you can spot a Soundwaves mix.
- Emily Westmore & Annie Venables, December Films

There was a screening yesterday of Muddy Waters at ACMI as part of the sustainable living festival and I just wanted to tell you what a knockout the sound was. You guys did a great job!!!! it just sounded amazing.
- Sally Ingleton, Producer, 'Muddy Waters'

Sound of course took 'Wildness' to another level. The river and forest sound-scapes are true to place and assist in taking us into the remoteness and wildness of the south-west wilderness.
- Scott Millwood, Director, 'Wildness'

You guys did an awesome job. Thank you.
- Judith Grey, Director, Sin Embargo

Talking Walls Productions would like to express our deepest thanks to you for your involvement in our short film Collier Brothers Syndrome. The expertise, equipment, knowledge and hard work you brought to the film were greatly appreciated. We are extremely happy with the final mix and feel that the sound work has fulfilled its major requirement and lifted the film to another level and the feedback has been very positive.
- David Willing & Jessica Birnbaum, Talking Walls Productions

Dear Peter and Heather,
I want to thank you both for providing me with such a brilliant facility for the sound post on FISHNET. Rest assured that I will have no hesitation in heading straight for you guys once I get the next film up.
It was a joy to work in such a professional, efficient, even-tempered post environment with state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art people.
... All told a Class A experience I am champing at the bit to repeat. Best Wishes and continued, much deserved success.

- Mark Savage, Director & Producer, 'Fishnet'

I want to say a huge thanks to all for their involvement. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I hope the chance comes my way again in the future. Meanwhile, wishing you all the best as Soundwaves travels from strength to strength.
- Tosca Looby, Director, 'Barrow Island,' ABC Natural History

Thank-you so much for your patience and your work on my film 'Glenys Foster & Faith, Hope & Charity.' You're wonderful!
- Victoria Maxwell Davis, Producer

On behalf of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation we would like to thank you for your contribution to the success of the launch of the 2001 Qantas Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at the Rivoli Cinemas on Tuesday, July 3.
The major feature and stand-out highlight of the day was the audio-visual show. We have received enormous amounts of positive feedback from both guests and media, and our Chairman, Ronald Walker, has remarked that it is the best thing we have done.
Thank-you for your hard work, dedication and follow-through on the day. Being there for a sound check was a great benefit and if you hadn't done that, I'm sure the show wouldn't have been quite as effective.
You'll be pleased to know that I had several people come up to me after the show saying the sound had that 'cinematic' effect you were after and that they could 'feel' the noise.
Thank-you once again and well done.

- Philip Askew, Marketing Manager & Kirsty Nicholls Publicity Coordinator

Sharyn and I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you did on our documentary 'Visions of Yankalilla.' We're very happy with the final mix and appreciate the time you put into anticipating problems during the shoot and picture edit and planning for the mix. Everything went very smoothly due to your care and attention to detail.
- Rosie Jones, Director 'Visions of Yankalilla'


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